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"...They have great products that we use at our car dealerships and our home.  Their service is outstanding and product quality is fantastic. If we ever have an issue before we hang up the phone the repair person is there to fix it.  So yes we would highly recommend them for all your door needs."

Gary and Susan Moe

Speed of Light Door



The Speed of Light Door consists of 12" panels made with Standard Sunshine Polycarbonate or Clear Acrylic options, for a much smoother, faster continuous glide. With all of the energy saving benefits of the Sunshine Door, these doors are combined with a Variable High speed motor with soft start and stop for optimum speed!

Highlights of the Speed of Light Door:

  • 32" per second speed - SEE HOW IT COMPARES by clicking HERE!
  • 12" sections for a smoother glide around curve
  • Up to 24' wide
  • Standard track and hardware system for lower maintenance and service costs
  • Continuous bulb weather stripping between each section
  • Light weight anodized aluminum
  • Rubber gasket between polycarbonate and aluminum for greater energy savings
  • Triple glaze polycarbonate in 8 different colors
  • 5' light curtain for safety with soft start and stop
  • High speed VFD motor capable of 32" per second top speed

20150414_111711.jpgSpeed of Light Door                  

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