The ‘Original’ Sunshine Door

The “Original” SUNSHINE DOOR is a translucent overhead door product that consists of panels made of aluminum and multi-wall polycarbonate that lets the Sun Shine in.

Polycarbonate sheet is widely recognized as a leading solution for many roof and sidewall glazing applications including domestic conservatories, commercial greenhouses, stadiums, factory roof lights, walkways, canopies and industrial premises including light-weight overhead doors. Sunshine Door Inc., uses 5/8″ thick triple wall polycarbonate because it offers the best thermal insulation properties for cold weather climates, excellent impact resistance, outstanding light transmission and fire resistance. To view brochure, click here.



The Sunshine Door has long been the product of choice for automotive dealerships, RV dealerships, car washes, commercial industrial shops and manufacturing facilities where a brighter more productive work environment is desired.  The Sunshine Door has been the door of choice in agricultural buildings for years, providing the right environment in dairy barns, equipment maintenance and storage buildings and more.  Also popular in fire stations, ambulance bays, hospitals, restaurants, and modern contemporary residences.

The Sunshine Door consists of panels made with Polycarbonate sheet product encased in anodized aluminium with silicone rubber gaskets, and rubber thermal seals between the sections. Triple Wall Polycarbonate sheet offers thermal insulation, excellent impact resistance, outstanding light transmission and fire resistance.  Sophisticated multi-wall construction creates an insulating air space within the internal channels, resulting in excellent energy-efficiency and significant reductions in heating costs.  Sunshine Doors are made with double sealed one piece continuous polycarbonate the full width of the door to ensure uninterrupted strength and thermal performance.

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Thermal Insulation

  • multi-wall construction
  • insulating air space within the internal channels
  • excellent energy-efficiency and significant reductions in heating costs
  • R-Values better than a double pane window, and as good as a triple pane window
  • highest level of thermal insulation available polycarbonate sheet material

High Impact Resistance

  • 140 times stronger than glass
  • Polycarbonate sheet offers extremely high impact resistance
  • minimal risk of damage or breakage resulting from impact, fallen ice, snow, hail or dislodged roofing tiles
  • Polycarbonate sheet can also withstand constant thermal extremes, wind, and building settling/movement without cracking or splitting

Light Transmission

  • Polycarbonate sheet is available in transparent grades which allow up to 82% light transmissions depending on thickness Fire Performance
  • Polycarbonate sheet is CC-1 flame rated and
  • Polycarbonate sheet passes E-84 steinner tunnel
  • A significant performance advantage compared to other plastic materials

Weather Resistant 

  • Polycarbonate sheet offers outstanding, long term performance even after prolonged exposure to sun, rain, and snow
  • maintains its new appearance year after year
5 Year Warranty

  • Polycarbonate Sunshine Doors products have an unconditional warranty against breakage, excessive yellowing and loss of light transmission

Design Versatility

  • Lightweight yet rigid Polycarbonate sheet reduces the need for extensive supporting structures
  • 1/3 the weight of glass – 140 times stronger than glass – allows for attractive, wide-span installations
  • The lightweight super strong nature of polycarbonate allows us to work with you to create your design dreams with custom vertical stile placements, decorative exterior face panels and more.

Easy Handling and Installation 

  • Polycarbonate sheet is strong, yet extremely light, making it safe and easy to handle
  • Weighing only 1.3 Lbs / Sq Ft, Sunshine Doors are an installers dream.
  • Whether installing in new construction or replacing an old door, these doors are an easy choice.

Cleaning Instructions

  • Clean with Dawn Dishwashing soap, warm water and a soft microfiber cloth – wipe in the same direction as the ribs in the polycarbonate
  • Followed immediately with a thorough clean water rinsing.
  • Adherence to regular and proper cleaning procedures is recommended to preserve appearance.

Contact Information

By appointment only | Gasoline Alley Business Park
Red Deer County, Alberta, Canada T4S 2H4

Sales & Order Enquiries: 403.356.9472
Fax: 403.356.9570


Sunshine Doors are 140 times stronger than glass and only 1/3 the weight of glass, which allows for large size doors which can bring in tonnes of natural light.