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With Alberta’s cold winters and short days, customers had a need for light and insulation in their shops, wash bays, barns and garages.

More than a couple decades ago, after much thought, we developed the first Sunshine Door. It is made of triple wall indestructible polycarbonate. We use one piece, the complete width of the door. The frame is made of anodized aluminum – clear or black, with rubber gaskets between each section. We can also powder coat it several colors.

Since the introduction of the “Original” Sunshine Door, we’ve seen people put them into beautiful custom homes, restaurants, airplane hangars and more places than we every imagined.  Our customers have become our friends and our fans.

We have made Sunshine doors as wide as 30 feet and as high as 30 feet. We have them installed from California to the Northwest Territories. We have been building Sunshine doors since 1996.

Manufactured in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, we’ve grown to be the brand associated with the finest quality of products to brighten interior spaces.  The Sunshine Door Team recognizes our customers and dealer distributor network as our fans and our greatest promoters and supporters.  Your happiness and satisfaction is of prime importance to you.  We are all here to make your Sunshine Door experience a positive one that you will want to share.

Our customers appreciate the incredible strength and safety of the Sunshine Door.  Large doors can be safely done using Sunshine Door because it is so light weight, easy on hardware, and resistant to breaking and shattering.

We learned that our customers want to “Let the Sun Shine In”, enjoy the warmth and the natural daylight.

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By appointment only | Gasoline Alley Business Park
Red Deer County, Alberta, Canada T4S 2H4

Sales & Order Enquiries: 403.356.9472
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More than a couple decades ago, Dan Murdock created the original Sunshine Door.  The vision came to him while training to run a marathon.  A client had asked Dan for a solution to needing a big door and needing a lot of natural light.  Running for hours is Dan’s thinking zone.