Sunshine Door Inc., is the company that designed, developed and manufactured the “original” Sunshine Door back a couple decades ago.   As the inventor, the passion for this product and the passion to do it right is of paramount importance.  

The Sunshine Door is designed for commercial industrial projects, which means that it’s strength, performance, and integrity is unrivaled.  As a design professional, when you specify the “Original” Sunshine Door, you know that you are recommending a product that you can stake your professional reputation on.  

The Sunshine Door is manufactured with 5/8” (16mm) thick triple wall polycarbonate, which provides the optimal balance of quantity and size of airspaces to achieve optimal thermal and structural performance.   In climactic zones with more heating degree days than cooling days, the added benefits of a great solar heat gain coefficient are another often unspoken, but undeniable benefit.  The Sunshine Door is less than 1/3 the weight of dual pane glass, and 140 times stronger, which makes it an ideal product for large doors that are safe and secure. 

Sunshine Doors are manufactured with 1 piece of polycarbonate the full width of each door to ensure the greatest uninterrupted strength, durability, and thermal performance.  

For those who require greater visual clarity, we manufacture doors with German engineered Clear View Wide Port Acrylic, which is also much stronger than glass, and like polycarbonate is still much lighter than glass.    

The SunView Glass Doors come in a variety of designs from modern to traditional.  As the designer, you get to choose between having the glass captured into the extruded aluminum rails and stiles for optimal strength and security or to have interior glazing stops for ease of serviceability in the event of glass breakage.  Our standard is Dual Pane Glass,  Tempered In & Tempered Out to ensure at least 5 times greater superior strength over that of non-tempered glass.  Yes, this is our standard.  

We also offer a wide selection of custom panel inserts, such as LuxPanel WoodGrain, Stainless Steel, Perforated Venting or Non-Venting panels, and more.  

Would you like to talk with us about colours? …. Sizes? … Special Configurations? … Custom Glazing? … We’d love to hear from you.  

The information and links on this page provide you with some of the information to help you to recommend and specify the Sunshine Door.  To learn more, obtain more information and technical details, gain more product knowledge and to experience the passion, please contact us.

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Your dealer just finished the install of the new doors on my shop. Looks amazing on the outside and is so much bigger & brighter inside. I will borrow my son’s hi-res camera and get you some pics.

Great recommendation on your dealer…really nice folks and very professional.


Jay Milner